I am super clever.

Town and Gown Players

I have to write a review. I am writing it now. A review for the Town & Gown Blog, that is where this review will be posted.

Writing a review of a show about people writing a show. So should I write  a review of my own review of the show about people writing a show?

Perhaps I must.

So far, this review is not very good. It seems very recursive, and poorly structured. Also, there’s no actual information about Town & Gown’s production of [title of show] — which is unfortunate, because it’s quite good. [Much better than this review, that’s for certain.]

Man, I just don’t have much to say in this paragraph.

I should probably mention the solid direction by Melissa Darnell, but it seems too early in the review. Shouldn’t I be mentioning the excellent music and singers – – shouldn’t I be mentioning the clever…

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