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witch/is which?

[Just playing around with some text – potentially for the back cover of Spell/Sword. As a young nerdling I used to spend quite a lot of time in bookstores and libraries.  I’d spend hours reading the inner jacket, and the back of every book — deciding if it was what I wanted to read next. In bookstores most of all, five bucks for a new paperback was a serious investment. Of course, I immediately became a critic. I was flabbergasted at how many ‘back cover summaries’ were totally misleading, and were clearly written without the author’s knowledge. I was still a little too young to understand about marketing, publishing, etc.

But I vowed, that when I wrote MY book, then I would make sure I didn’t have a crappy summary on the back cover. And since I’m self-publishing, I can have whatever wacky text I want.]


4 thoughts on “Back of the Book

      • What? You want me to print it? Is there a special message in your scrawl at the bottom?

        I said ‘seriously’ because it would be awesome if you wrote a masterpiece and put a cover like that on it. Because, in the end, that cover says it all, doesn’t it?

        There’s two people, one with a sword, the other with some magical appendage, aptly mirroring the title: Sword/Spell. The bright red excites the future reader and they might even laugh at the black squiggles on the bottom, thinking, “What idiot would put a cover like on that on their book?”

        But then, to prove their theory, they would open it up to the first page and their mind would be blown away by the majesty of your story.

        Hey, it could happen.

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