stand at the edge, doorway house green field around you you are awake at last but empty, maybe less than before you wear clothes you have swallowed the thin soup you are ready to know if you are who you were jonas is off chopping wood now is the time where you can walk alone […]

Belenus and Belisama

Once before the world was old, a woman walked from her village to the river to fill a vase with water. She was no maiden. Her feet were strong on the earth, her hands full of care. She had borne two children and lost two children. Her eyes were dark and her hair was darker. […]

Invocation Sketch

Sing in me, O Muse of fire. Fire that burns the grass fire that is the grass perennial sure and rude on the hillside. Sing of fire and sing of the night when. The night when She saw Fire and everything after The tournament of wands and the beloved annihilation. And everything after. The fire […]

Vagabond Contract

In the course of events it often becomes necessary for travelers to enter into common cause for needs of safety, efficacy, and mutual gain. A simple covenant is best for all parties to prevent any misunderstanding or ill repute at the termination of the time of joined purpose. All that sign this contract pledge by […]


i see you standing on the edge of the tower the mountains behind you the flat town below you i see you and i see who you serve i have not done i have undone enough i was not watching i am not doing enough i see you and i see who you serve time […]

Writing Update

Over the past year, friends and acquaintances¬†will ask me ‘ So, how’s the writing going, Derek???’. I usually grimace and give some sort of a half-answer. I sat down today to write a seven-eighths answer, and this is what I wrote. A traveler came to a city on the edge of a forest. The windows […]