Asteroid  Made of Dragons

Inkshares/Sword & Laser – April 2016

A preposterous fantasy crisis with resolutions remarkable and losses lamentable.  May contain minotaur tea parties.

When a lone goblin researcher stumbles across an artifact containing a terrifying message—that the world is in grave and immediate peril—she scrambles to find help. A very unusual asteroid (one constructed as a cage for dragons) is headed straight for the planet, and Xenon is the only person in the world who knows. As she clambers across hill and dale with her quill, journal, and dwindling coin purse to untangle the mystery, she’ll need plenty of luck to find the right clues and the right sort of help.

Meanwhile, our heroes have their own problems. They have a bank to rob, a sea to cross, and a kingdom to infiltrate. Luckily, Rime is a wild mage—the laws of reality quiver when she gives them a stern look—and her guardian, Jonas, wields a reasonably sharp sword. But Rime is slipping ever closer to the abyss of madness, and Jonas is wanted for murder at their final port of call. To make matters worse, the mage-killing Hunt and its commander, Linus, follow the duo like a patient shadow, bent on Rime’s destruction.

When the wise are underfunded, the brave are overbooked, and the cruel are unconcerned, can the world be saved from destruction?

Pre-order – 14.99 Paperback / 8.99 E-book (all formats) – Inkshares

[Also available for pre-order on Amazon.]

  • Sample Chapters available!
  • Long rambling diatribes on genre tropes!
  • Up to date reports on progress and exclusive SECRETS.
  • Bananas. (probably)

Other Adventures


Sword and Sorcery Goulash. Our Heroes Meet and Do Not Get Along Well at All.



The Riddle Box

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  • Basilisk Gospel – A station wagon, a boom box, and an ape mask is BASILISK GOSPELall they need to setup most of their ‘work orders’. Small towns have local monsters – but every so often the legend starts to get stale and the crew rolls into town to ‘re-up the beast’. Drunk teens, night, monsters, faith, the South, and what it means to be Outside.
  • Rime Korvanus and the Council of Nine, or Don’t Tell My Crush I’m a Wild Mage! – To unravel the secrets of the Magic Wild, Rime must infiltrate Valeria, home Council of NIneof the Wizard Colleges and the eldritch might of its Council. It’s all very serious, but who cares? RIME HAS A CRUSH AND IT IS SO REAL YOU GUYS. The agony and embarrassment of first love inflicted on my most irritable protagonist.



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