stand at the edge, doorway house green field around you you are awake at last but empty, maybe less than before you wear clothes you have swallowed the thin soup you are ready to know if you are who you were jonas is off chopping wood now is the time where you can walk alone […]

Invocation Sketch

Sing in me, O Muse of fire. Fire that burns the grass fire that is the grass perennial sure and rude on the hillside. Sing of fire and sing of the night when. The night when She saw Fire and everything after The tournament of wands and the beloved annihilation. And everything after. The fire […]

Vagabond Contract

In the course of events it often becomes necessary for travelers to enter into common cause for needs of safety, efficacy, and mutual gain. A simple covenant is best for all parties to prevent any misunderstanding or ill repute at the termination of the time of joined purpose. All that sign this contract pledge by […]

The Black Lance of Talbot

Two knights, one foul – one fair, met in the dust of a forgotten town. This was not the first time. The war was over. The war is never over. The Black Knight leaned on his lance. The White Knight tightened her shield-strap. They had a late lunch. The local inn was nearly empty that […]


My life has been defined by desperate acts. (crack of thunder) Yes, I sip from this goblet of dark wine and stare out this window at the darkening moors. This is not going as intended, but I have become accustomed to such things. I’m trying to write my way through something. Writing is just words, […]


what am I getting at? what am I getting at? repetition and iteration will these save our nation? can’t doubt, can’t stammer got to put both hands on the hammer what we are, we are – for One and Zero in the rudiment parliament each of us can be the Hero heat up the forge, […]