Sticking to the schedule.

Hit my word count mark for the week –despite the negativity and pressure from all directions. JUST LET ME WORK PEOPLE.

Ha — it’s fun channeling your inner angsty tween. [Is there any other kind of tween?]

I’m getting into a bad habit of waiting until Friday to do the bulk of my week’s allotment. It’s mostly been other work/life factors that have contributed to this — but still. STILL. Putting myself on notice — for all the good that will do.

The pages I wrote this week, were something of an experiment. I decided to write a side chapter/villain interlude — then go back and plug it in somewhere earlier in That Thing. A little nerve-wracking, honestly. I’ve been so focused on keeping forward momentum with the plot – that it felt very much like leaving my security blanket at home for my first Big Boy sleepover.

I’m pleased with the results — and after some constructive criticism from my beloved, the villain interlude improved markedly.

Two more villain interludes – then back to the fray with …oh wait, you don’t know the names of my protagonists.


9 thoughts on “Sticking to the schedule.

  1. I have to say that reading your work, and seeing how fabulous it is (and I’m a harsh critic)… It makes me want to write fiction again. Because if something that is so very easy to read gives you headaches and second-guessing, maybe I have a chance after all! Seriously, you have immense talent and I know that one day I’ll be saying ‘I knew him when…’

    • D’awww — thank you!

      I spend a fair amount of time every week, staring into the Abyss — what I’m really liking is the further I go, staying on schedule — it makes me feel warm inside the more pages I put in the bank. I wouldn’t tell ANYONE that I was working on That Thing until I was 20 pages in. Those twenty pages took me a month and a half.

      Now that I’m at 85 pages — I feel much more secure. Even though it still feels magical.

      So get back to it!

      And just wait until editing time comes, that’s when you’ll see a true psychological meltdown.

      • I’m a born proof-reader/editor – I can even pick apart Terry Pratchett on occasion – and one of the things I like best about your work is that it is nearly 100% perfect. Let someone else check it over, you do an amazing job already!

  2. Sometimes I skip ahead and write a scene that comes 50 pages later. Because I need to get that out of my head. And all the scenes up to there are so much easier.

    congrats on writing out of order. And taking a good tangent.It’s a huge leap and many times it takes you somewhere you needed to go and didn’t know how to get to chronologically. 🙂

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