To the sea!

Heading out today for the beach — for a solid week.

Your jealousy is lavender-scented.

I always swear up and down that I won’t be posting — but then I jam out a few thousand words and can’t wait to gossip about it. So, maybe I’ll post some fresh stuff next week — MAYBE I WON’T. I’ve already queued up a couple of short pieces for next week — and the Story on Demand brainstorm summoning post will go out tomorrow.

And I am NOT taking a break from my writing schedule for That Thing. I still have to produce five pages, just like any other week.

I’m going to the beach, not Mars — so I’ll have internet access, so expect my usual level of manic instant-response to comments and emails.

Later, taters!


Sticking to the schedule.

Hit my word count mark for the week –despite the negativity and pressure from all directions. JUST LET ME WORK PEOPLE.

Ha — it’s fun channeling your inner angsty tween. [Is there any other kind of tween?]

I’m getting into a bad habit of waiting until Friday to do the bulk of my week’s allotment. It’s mostly been other work/life factors that have contributed to this — but still. STILL. Putting myself on notice — for all the good that will do.

The pages I wrote this week, were something of an experiment. I decided to write a side chapter/villain interlude — then go back and plug it in somewhere earlier in That Thing. A little nerve-wracking, honestly. I’ve been so focused on keeping forward momentum with the plot – that it felt very much like leaving my security blanket at home for my first Big Boy sleepover.

I’m pleased with the results — and after some constructive criticism from my beloved, the villain interlude improved markedly.

Two more villain interludes – then back to the fray with …oh wait, you don’t know the names of my protagonists.