Burlesque Names I

Glenn Arthur

If you’re plumber, you fix your friends’ showers. If you’re a mechanic, you fix your friends’ cars. If you’re a baker — guess you’re going to be making cupcakes for your tribe pretty regularly.

But, if you’re a writer — sometimes your friends ask you to come up with burlesque performer names.

Don’t look at me weird – it’s Athens.

What? Doesn’t your town have it’s own, personal burlesque troupe?


So, I came up with a whole bunch of performer names – I’m going to put them below the jump, because they are NAUGHTY. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY. Do not click through if you are an impressionable youth or hate bad puns

[This was for an *ahem* voluptuous redhead, who wanted a “sexy lawyer” theme.

Red Rocket.
Red Ryder.
Ally McFeel
Pussy Mason.
Judge Booty.
J-hunny Cockran.
Bonny Cockram.
Assicus Pinch.
Pippi Boobstocking.
Titti Longcocking.
The Tittle Mermaid.
Jessica Rammit.
F. Me Daily
Cherry Pi
Wilma Titbone
Sophie Decolletage.
Leave it to Cleavage.
Aureole Sinclair

5 thoughts on “Burlesque Names I

  1. Yeah, I spent many a long night trying to help my wife come up with her roller derby name, which are pretty similar to burlesque names, except with more killing and less sex.

    • HA, yeah. I’ve helped brainstorm a fair amount of those as well. The daunting part of that is that freaking database they keep of ALL DERBY NAMES EVER. It’s like playing tennis with a brick wall, everything’s been taken.

  2. Ughh if only I had boobs! I would a) do burlesque and b) be Leave it to Cleavage.

    Is there the rule in burlesque that two performers can’t have the same name? That’s the sad case of it in roller derby.

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