Writing Decisions

Artist Unknown

The Tao of Sommerset

1. Every action has a consequence.
2. The unexplored world will not announce itself.
3. The beautiful moment succeeds.
4. Whimsy is a precious flower. Plant liberally.
5. Obstacles are rarely insurmountable.
6. People are not just signposts.
7. The journey is the largest tree in the garden, but the rain falls everywhere.
8. Glory is bought with blood.
9. Dull questions breed dull answers.
10. A single twig announces the tiger.

Over the past year of Lodestar, I’ve tried to establish a simple rubric for most of my storytelling decisions. And because I’m an incredibly pompous sort, I codified them into these ten dictum.

Thoughts? What rules – unspoken or otherwise – guide your writing?

2 thoughts on “Writing Decisions

    • Ha, I’m the same way. Plan too far ahead and it gets boring — just in those brief moments when I’m trying to decide the next event, or development I stop and think, “Should they fight one axe-wielding gorilla — or two?”

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