Straydog Papers I

When I was a child, I lived by a creek. That was the first time I saw them. My home was surrounded by trees, so they were difficult to spot at first. They seemed tall and thin, swaying just like the pines in the wind – but opposite to the breeze. The Five. I was […]

Sunset Falls on the Weeping Gate

Edward Felspar On Assignment Vyle Tymes – 25th of Psydros, 2015 History sleeps all around us. In the stones of the roadway, in the iron of the rail, in the scars that lekpalios hide behind full flagons or a worker’s blue or a traveler’s cloak. As we walk the streets of Vyle we can hear the shuddering […]

Story on Demand – Dinosaur Music Lesson

“Most people entertain a pleasant superstition that Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to the devil in return for unparalleled skill with the guitar,” the professor wiped a daub of chalk of his wrist, then turned his sharp eyes back to his Montana-like classroom, his words echoed with plenty of […]

This Week’s Sermon -8/3

[I’m creating a character for a new game, John North, a Methodist Minister – someone quite removed from my own personality and experience. I thought it might be interesting to write his weekly sermon before each game. A little dramatic irony, a little character exploration, a little I really need to post stuff here more often. […]

The Riddle Box: First Read Impressions

I like my book a lot. More than I did Spell/Sword the first time I read it. Now, the caveats. I am obviously the least objective reader this novel will ever have. The very first draft of Spell/Sword was an unqualified mess. I had never writtena book before, after all! I wrote it in sequential […]

Seven Cups of Tea

The small inn at the base of Mt. Kyojin is known for three things. The first is for the excellent saki that the owner, Erojin, brews in thick, oak casks passed down for nine generations in his family. This first thing is known because Erojin repeats this often to all of his guests. The second […]

13 Devils

Lodestar interview collate. Reasonable approximations of iconography glimpsed on Inf. Mural during their sojourn to the plane of Hell. Cross reference with several sources for possible/potential identification. Most listed by description/popular epithet from lore. – PGRAM 1. ????? – The Knight with Brown Armor 2. Blackwire – The King of Move 3. Fairchild – The […]