Well, how about that?

HEY.  Six complete strangers downloaded my free e-book The Parable of the Stone Viper from lulu.com!

That’s kind of awesome – I wonder who those six people are. Did they like it? Are we best friends now? AM I INVITED TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?

I know this is silly, getting excited about something like that — especially because that story is right over there under the Microfiction tab — but it jazzes me up. TO THE MAX.

Well, maybe not to the max — but in the near vicinity of the max.

Not to be confused with The Maxx.

8 thoughts on “Well, how about that?

  1. no way, that’s super exciting. congrats! i get stoked every time someone new subscribes to my blog. it’s the little things in life. also, the really big things too. and probably the moderately sized things. just not any smaller than the little things. that would be absurd.

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