Across Golden Skies V

The Lodestar
“… and the Black and White Monster came roaring out of the cave!”

Talitha brandished her sword expectantly. The moment hung, and nothing happened.

The little blonde girl stomped her foot.

“Crackers! Just like we practiced!”

Head low, the blink-dog emerges from behind the wheelhouse. His golden fur has been liberally marked with black soot. - Ashley Wood

Large black circles around his eyes gave the vague impression of a raccoon. Clearly, Talitha thought this wasn’t suitably fearsome, so a black cloak [Carbunkle recognized his best rain cloak] has been tied around him. Looking deeply ashamed, the dog slunk in front of the backdrop and gives a half-hearted yelp.

“AH HA! The Black and White Monster! Face my sword, evil one!”

Very seriously, Talitha bonked the young dog on the head – taking great care to not damage him in any way. Crackers gives a long-suffering sigh and lays down on the deck. The little blonde girl smiled hugely, and stands behind her fallen foe.

“So the Hero-Princess Talitha is victorious at last, and went back to have ice cream and cake with the rest of her friends. The evil Black and White Monster was gone forever, and everyone gave the Hero-Princess a big hug! And they all lived happily ever after. THE END!”

Talitha bowed with a grand flourish, her armor desperately trying to hold its integrity.

The crew applauded, and laughed as the sun dipped below the horizon. A few more cookies are dispensed, and the poor Black and White Monster is given a quick bath by Echo and The Vagabonder. Talitha whirled back and forth to each of the crew, demanding honest feedback and re-enacting choice scenes with little or no encouragement. Despite all the danger and tension of the last few days, honest smiles are shared and a few “big hugs” easily secured to reward the Hero-Princess.

The last light of the setting sun catches these sights, as the Lodestar flew on south across the Great Sea.

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