Across Golden Skies

The crew of the Lodestar gathered on deck for a matter of some urgency. They had traveled south steadily since Quorum, and only this afternoon crossed into the open sea that separates Tel from the southern continent of Eridia. Each person looked tensely at the other, not knowing quite what to expect once they stepped on deck.

A little blonde girl.

Talitha looked at the assembled adventurers with a severe expression as they emerged. The effect is somewhat marred by the elaborate tiara made from some spare wiring, and a rudimentary sword and armor that seem to be constructed from an old mushroom crate. Both have been liberally daubed with blue paint, unearthed from somewhere in the ship’s bowels. She pointed imperiously to a few blankets and bedsheets that had been carefully spread on the deck.

“You’re all late! You shouldn’t be late for a show!”

The sheets are held down with various items: one of Haskeer’s gauntlets, several of Carbunkle’s books, and a surprisingly heavy loaf of bread, left behind by one of Mobius’ more disastrous culinary experiments. A bit of ripped sail has been hung between the masts as a backdrop, with the sheets arrayed facing it in a rough semi-circle.

The crew sat, The Vagabonder, Agnar and Haskeer in back due to excessive tallness. Corben immediately began to pass a flask of jem-wine, while Carbunkle lit his pipe. Fin sat down carefully in the center. Echo and Bramble conveniently took seats on opposite sides. Lucina floated behind everyone, and yawned with boredom.

Talitha fussed over everyone for a few moments, making certain that they were comfortable and could all see. She is only momentarily delayed by the cookies that Carbunkle “finds” under his skull-cap. At last she moved in front of the backdrop, and brandished her wooden sword.

“Welcome to my play! The Adventures of the Hero-Princess Talitha and the Black and White Monster!”

Corben is momentarily struck by the outline of Talitha’s sword. It seemed so familiar…

“So the Hero-Princess set out one day to go on adventures – she traveled far and wide, for a hundred thousand miles.”

The little blonde girl pumped her arms up and down, mimicking a noble walk. A piece of her armor dislodged, and falls to the deck with a thunk.

“She walked and walked –and couldn’t find any adventures! So one day she got very sad, and sat down to cry. It’s okay to cry, her Uncle told her so.”

This last line is delivered very seriously to the audience. Talitha looked back and forth to make sure this is absorbed.

“But just then, a magical flying ship came down and it was full of new friends for the Hero-Princess! There was a Knight with Shiny Armor, and a Wizard with a Magical Friend, and a Mystical Underwater Elf, and a Dwarven Monk of the Order –“

She looks to Fin, who mouths along with her, “…Ong-Bara’zakund, and a Northman with a Firey Sword, and two Tricksters, one short and one tall. Oh, and an Engineer and a Cook.”

Bramble sighed, and dragged her hand across her face.

“ The Hero-Princess jumped on the magic ship right away. Then she said ‘Take me to the adventures! The Black and White Monster can’t be far now!…..”

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