The Golden Power

My heart burns with light,
so careful am I
to shroud my birthright
This song in my eye
it burns while I sing
ripping thru my throat
like a newborn fiend.
An alien dynamo held in my chest
with each lightning stroke it
destroys some small sliver
but illuminates the remainder;
I pay the blood price
again and again,
let me be an angel of light
consumed by this hunger,
the price
of my wings.
Let me shine unto the very end.

black wire fever

Humming in my joints like
spokes of metal
around my neck
growing hot with

prongs of disgust
demonic malcontent.

Scurry scurry— brain fleas pop
on abandoned transistors

choke on rancid cotton

break things–break things
run across the dunes

empty me out, smash the
glass for good

then shatter anything else that can contain.

step free, a black-iron skeleton
clutching at velvet curtains

–they evaporate on contact–

alive and electric
thru the walls of

Nine of Swords

Leaned forward in my bed
tears rolling
thru the cups of my hands
collecting at my elbow
as they
down my arm.

The swords hang behind me.

They are sharp and keen
of purpose

was my hand
strong enough
to carry them?

I am not that man,
I am
rain pouring from my eyes
and pooling
on my lap.

This blanket is warm
I will
beneath it
and dream
about the swords
falling on me.


Those...those shoes...are phenomenal.

Whew — it is getting serious up in here. I still kind of like the “Dracula” poem, I remember thinking of it as the seed of a musical – the attitude and musical stylings of Les Miserables, with lots and lots of lacy cravats and ridiculous black cloaks.


bring me
bring me
bring me
human blood
coursing thru my veins

i howl like the wind
like a beaten dog, left out of doors
scratching at the gate post
and gnawing with pain

i am the nightmare
singing dark lullabies
while infants scream
their melodies of
thunder and rain

bring me
bring me
bring me
all your broken yesterdays

i will cast them into the storm
and make them new again

beware the monster
beware the creature

love the monster
love the creature

i am the forgotten son
of all your cloudy imaginings
the secret
of your hungry things
that gibber and howl
and crush and devour
the better side
of you

Shoot out the starlight.

Forward and back
and back
to the far east
where my
strength was the least
running and gunning
till the break of dawn
knockin’ down the queen
with a leftover pawn

i sang of the sorrow
that my father let me borrow
earned in the genes
like blue aquamarine
eyes that light up
fists that fight up
thru the
pounds and pounds
of pressure
i was born with
trying to
shake the hounds
that were the last gift
a cruel character
born with a narrator
the neccessity of jamming
sorry for all these words that i’m spamming
but what was the gist
stop let me list
to the beat of a heart
ticking like a clock
try to break it
find out it’s rock
keep smashing their fingers
the pain always lingers
surprised and betrayed
like a nine day masquerade

i’m sorry i’m sorry
my rhythms go far you
will be tipped at the door
have a safe trip home, poor
chance that brought you
to this strange encounter
try not to flounder

come shoot out the starlight.

The Five

Subtly, I turn
the dark books i burn
not safe, but stable
hiding under the table

how close was i to the nine-day feast
where my demons prowl and sing in the east

walking the walls
damming shut the falls
trying to keep light
in my echoing halls

i am a master programmer
quite caught in a stammer
lines of code
not sure of the flows
i throw it all up
and watch it loop down
on a black throne
with my cerulean crown

i bite off stanzas
and try not to look
at the Cleaver Man
and stropping his hook

just have a
few moments
til the fire burns down

pull tight the bandage
and hope i’m still standing
when the Five come creeping
wearing my heart
on their shield
and grinning their
family smiles

who am i without them?
how could i ever doubt them?

come dark brothers
to you i never lie

rusty blade
come now
5 beds are made.