Shoot out the starlight.

Forward and back
and back
to the far east
where my
strength was the least
running and gunning
till the break of dawn
knockin’ down the queen
with a leftover pawn

i sang of the sorrow
that my father let me borrow
earned in the genes
like blue aquamarine
eyes that light up
fists that fight up
thru the
pounds and pounds
of pressure
i was born with
trying to
shake the hounds
that were the last gift
a cruel character
born with a narrator
the neccessity of jamming
sorry for all these words that i’m spamming
but what was the gist
stop let me list
to the beat of a heart
ticking like a clock
try to break it
find out it’s rock
keep smashing their fingers
the pain always lingers
surprised and betrayed
like a nine day masquerade

i’m sorry i’m sorry
my rhythms go far you
will be tipped at the door
have a safe trip home, poor
chance that brought you
to this strange encounter
try not to flounder

come shoot out the starlight.

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