The Five

Subtly, I turn
the dark books i burn
not safe, but stable
hiding under the table

how close was i to the nine-day feast
where my demons prowl and sing in the east

walking the walls
damming shut the falls
trying to keep light
in my echoing halls

i am a master programmer
quite caught in a stammer
lines of code
not sure of the flows
i throw it all up
and watch it loop down
on a black throne
with my cerulean crown

i bite off stanzas
and try not to look
at the Cleaver Man
and stropping his hook

just have a
few moments
til the fire burns down

pull tight the bandage
and hope i’m still standing
when the Five come creeping
wearing my heart
on their shield
and grinning their
family smiles

who am i without them?
how could i ever doubt them?

come dark brothers
to you i never lie

rusty blade
come now
5 beds are made.

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