Botanists fight dirty.

[One of my first Story on Demand offerings. I have to fess up, I totally ripped the style and tone completely from Bill Watterson/Calvin & Hobbes for the style and tone. This is a female Tracer Bullet, completely.] Her overcoat was stiff with congealed agar and the shattered glass of a dozen Erlenmeyer flasks. She slid her […]

Simon Garamonde and the Lady Forechance I

The black halls of Iax stretched on out of view, sunflower torches seeming to absorb more light then they cast.  Simon pressed himself hard against a column, and waited for the quiet footfalls of the patrol to pass him by. He breathed shallowly, and tried to ignore the condensation sliding down the inside of his […]

Botanists fight dirty.

Her overcoat was stiff with congealed agar and the shattered glass of a dozen Erlenmeyer flasks. She slid her battered arms into the sleeves, and tried to ignore the bullet wound in her leg.  A pair of pipettes were still lodged in the right sleeve of the jacket, as well as some tissue cultures from the family Malvaceae. […]

Arm’s Reach

“It was…necessary.” he replied. “Many strange paths, many dark days — all for necessity.” The Browncloak coughed fiercely, sending more purple phlegm across his chest. At the end it turned into weak laughter. “Listen to me, getting a little maudlin and drippy. I always get a little choked up when I talk about child-murder. Ah, […]

Ring of Silver

Material Plane/Lodestar “Look!” Alice interrupts with a hushed whisper, pointing towards a gash on the Browncloak’s leg. At the edges of the wound, the flesh was beginning to blacken like the charred edges of a fireplace log. The princess immediately resumed binding his wounds with scraps of fabric, tying quick knots with a spool of […]

The Cost X

Izus Torossian walked through the empty streets, with a bundle in his arms. The raw sound of a baby crying battered at the air. The dark things – the once-men stayed far away from him, he strode across the wet cobblestones unopposed. Izus wished something would attack. Something he could fight. The inside of him felt wide […]

The Cost IX

He felt his ribs shatter, leaving his heart exposed. A breath of cool air on his beating heart. “Ah, yes – plenty of room. Room for five.” Fairchild purred. Blood poured out of the squire’s empty eyes and his fingers slid along the stone. His body arched backward, and there was pain. There was so […]