9 times the comet

1 the comet came

and i

2 the comet came

and i was back in my brain


3 the comet again

this time like a friend

standing demanding

the globe reprimanding

not sure what it meant

but the sparrows are landing

4 the comet

jaws like a sonnet

circle of singers in the crest of a wave

praying and laying the heart of  knave

i made me a man of lightning and air

someone i thought could take me to where

the stink and stammer of the stardust corruption

was something that my wit could wrap with eruption

i made me a man who made only pain

because villains are willing to howl in the rain

lessons i carved but erased every morning

my ironside doggerel is whippoorwill warning

5 the comet

still think I’m on it

ship made of stories and stolen bluebonnet

6 the comet, nothing this year

creeping down alleys  and clutching my spear

7 the comet, harder and harder

running out of rambles kept safe in my larder

rhythms are ramshackle and fable for fools

the weaver won’t last if even his loom unspools

8 the comet, the comet, the comet

it’s not hard it’s only hard when it’s only the comet

comet the blood comet the time

comet the singer puking up rhyme



9 times the comet

9 times the gauntlet

unsteady remainder i wait for the sun

i am a container for days on the run




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