DragonCon – Ur-Promotion – SPELL/SWORD!!!!

So, yeah – I’m going to be at DragonCon from Thursday thru Sunday – SO TRACK ME DOWN AND LET US COMMUNICATE WITH OUR MEAT-FACES.

I’ll be packing in a few copies of the book to hide randomly around the convention – I also may press copies into the hands of Elizabeth Moon, Jim Butcher, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman as a sign of my fawning devotion. Last year I had a lot of fun putting free download cards all over the place – but I just didn’t have time to get everything together this time.

I will also be making a special secret announcement about The Riddle Box, about 2 AM in the Marriot lobby. I will whisper it into an empty mayonnaise jar, then hide it somewhere in Pulse Bar. Anyone that finds it will be cursed, ye unto seven generations.

For anyone that follows this blog, that I’ve never met – if you are going to DragonCon – comment on this post and lets meet up! I’m in pathetic need of writer affirmation and should be just soused enough to spill major plot details for Book Two, Three and the very underpinnings of my fictive muse. I’ll alternatively be dressed as a ‘5’ from the MeowMeowBeenz episode of Community or as a ludicrously drunk wizard.

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