I want my art to do more for the people, causes, and country that I care about. And as much as I earnestly believe in the power of any art to shape the world – I also know that direct action is also required.  Protest, dialogue, education – and donation.  We’re 10 days in and […]

AMOD appears in BookBathBox!

At last, I can talk about this! After months of secrecy I can finally blab and gush and turn into a small imp of excitement. This is quite honestly one of the most fun projects I’ve been able to work on with Asteroid Made of Dragons. BookBathBox is a subscription box service filled to the brim […]

Asteroid Made of No Dragon Award

  Did I win the Dragon Award for Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)? No. Did I want it? Yes. Did I expect to win it? No. Do I hate the person that won it? No. Do I have larger thoughts about the state of the genre, the context of this award with other awards, and […]

The Dragon Award

  Blink. Blink.   This video, in its ENTIRETY, is how I feel. I’m on an award list next to N.K. Jemisin  and Jim Butcherrrrrrrr. You did this. All of you that took the time to answer my plea and nominate me – and I cannot thank you enough. It makes me feel fantastic. This is great […]

Launch Party Photographic Proof

Endless thanks to the hospitality of Avid Bookshop who let me put on a wizard robe and prance around for a while. Also – all photos were taken by Matt Hardy Photography, if you want to reuse any of these you may with photo credit given. There’s so  much more to process as AMOD lumbers […]