Riddle Box Opening Verse [ Sketch 2]

Have you come to play a game?

All the pieces are marked

all the clues will  appear

one by two, two by one,

running through the

weightless halls of the manor.

You have come to play a game,

the killer and the killed.

Blood on white marble,

blood on shadowed wood,

blood on blood,

blood on fire.

The game has come to play.

Follow along, the string in your hands,

the song in your ears.

Eyes sharp, hearts dark.

The two travelers step through the door,

the door shuts behind them.

Forget the names and play the blood,

sing Tomorrow and hold back the flood.

When the two sing together, they shiver apart.

No better tutor than fire-blasted heart.

Leave your tears

it has already  happened

we merely pick up the pieces

and put the board away.

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