i see you standing on the edge of the tower the mountains behind you the flat town below you i see you and i see who you serve i have not done i have undone enough i was not watching i am not doing enough i see you and i see who you serve time […]


one jot in the ocean, one clot in the lung hard -hearted departed still clinging to the bottom rung i see you up there, wearing those crowns of jade-locked air free for the moment, never know where my curse went keep spending out the bric-a-brac from the golden coffer’s lent i howl in the dark, […]

Thief of August

  take a look, take a long look and come running back for summer wrapping atoms of madams and bricks made of wonder already i stumble i grumble and trundle and pray for the glass to be thinner and humble because i am the thief , sacks full of stolen light, heart full of borrowed […]

The Circle

Stand in the circle and  hold, hold light in the circle and stand. made of song, made of ink made of water overflowing the sink circle of salt circle of bone circle of holly all green and alone circle of hands circle of eyes forget this charm and the last fire dies we are the […]


thinking about time and spooling up rhymes and singing out my check account and rustling through the vines of ivy and cracked leather that burn through the weather and pull me like a sycophant down to where the bone-clock chimes yeah, Mitchell Dave i’m touchstoning your story every  spy glass gets a peek when I come […]

brown leaves

uncork the prophet and come running for payback still gunning down interlopers cotton thieves outta stayback wiggle my toes and rummage around for flows hoping i’m still beating when my heart already knows song of the vandal, coming back to ramble leaving my gleaming all screaming on the bramble home of the brave and cost […]


unlikely and tritely and measures of soup who knows the ketchup man when he’s covered in goop? stop in the rain and pound in the sun my heart is a rolodex and the time never runs frank like my idol, can’t scratch the vinyl keep chattering and nattering i say when the mix is final […]