Spell/Sword Unboxing – Extreme Happiness

There comes a moment as an author, when you know you’ve made it. When you know, just know that … it was all worth it.

That moment is now. Or rather, last night, the first time I saw this video.

One of my friends and first readers Allen Rowell, is local filmmaker and director in my hometown of Athens, GA — and he wasn’t satisfied with the simple ‘selfies’ that people have been taking as they receive their copy of the book.

He thought larger. Grander. Weirder.

This video is even more hilarious because it is clearly a recreation of some other unboxing video – THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN. So watching this was frankly surreal and I almost fell off the bed I was laughing so hard.

It’s support like this that helps me know that Swordpunk will rise up and crush all other fantasy genres.

Please watch and be converted.

Well done, Allen. [Let me know where I should link for you — your Youtube Channel? Or somewhere else?]

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