The True Lightning Rune


Okay — time to stop fretting about promoting and selling Spell/Sword [BUY IT OH PLEASE WHY WON’T YOU BUY IT?].

It’s like a sore tooth, I just can’t stop fussing with it. It’s not making me or the tooth any happier, so it’s time to start focusing on something that’s actually productive.

  • Planning for The Riddle Box, the next book in the series. This one’s primarily a murder mystery, so I actually need to think through my cast of characters, the location, and some of the mechanics before I start hammering away at my keyboard again. Oh man, I already know the first scene — can’t wait to start writing it next week!
  • I seem to have developed a fixation with bulleted lists. This may become a problem.
  • Story on Demand — I dropped this feature from the blog a few months back, so I could focus on editing and some other creative projects. Any interest in seeing it return?
  • Nerd Planning! I still have two active campaigns running, I should probably figure out how the Cult of Zero is going to further manipulate the band of heroes they’ve psychically indoctrinated — and how the Face-Thief Oni plans to subvert the noble samurai of Kori Horudo.

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