Help Wanted: Glassroots

Help me help you help ME.

As long as I’m the one on the net gain side of this Help Chain at the end of the day.

Daniele Buetti - Artist
Daniele Buetti – Artist

I’m taking my first scary steps into self-promotion.  The book should be ready to publish at the end of the month, so it’s time to put my Serious Pants on. I’ve set up a fan page on Facebook, I’m going to be modifying this site to be a little more buyer-friendly, and I’m steeling myself for a long, loooong process of asking for people’s help.

Because that’s what I’m going to need. I’m self-publishing — and as much of a bully as I am, and as much of a  shameless snake-oil huckster I am– I can only move so many of these books by myself. I need my friends, I need my acquaintances  I need total strangers.

So please — help.  All I want is for people to read it.  Buy it, sure — but more importantly read. Click the ‘Like’ Box, share posts across your laptops and phones and iPads and Nintendo 3DSs.

Glassroots is the term I’m putting forward for this process. I’m sure that someone somewhere already came up with this term, but it sounded pretty clever to me as I was staring into space in the shower last night.

Mental Transcript: …………chess pieces..cheese pieces…they should make cheese chess pieces…mmmm, gouda…gotta work my way up the internet ladder with the book, sort of like a grassroots political campaign…what’s a cool internet word for that…is there a cool internet word for that…? ….grassroots, grassroots, grassroots….glassroots? yeah! phones are made of glass and laptops are made of glass, well not really it’s some sort of space age polymer, but it sure sounds like a cool word that people should say…i’m awesome….like gouda…

It’s interesting putting myself in the role of the supplicant — or the traveling minstrel. Going from internet hovel to digital inn, singing for my supper. I’ll try not to annoy you people too much.

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Glassroots

  1. You will. Annoy us, I mean.

    Check out Michael J Sullivan’s site:

    Read everything he has to say about self-publishing. He’s put out some awesome articles on Reddit and Amazing Stories and is currently doing a Kickstarter project (and is published by Orbit as well). His articles will guide you through the self-promo land mine.

  2. One blog suggestion: you’re an author. Your name is your brand. After a quick perusal of this page, I have still have no idea who you are. Perhaps you might want to make it more prevalent.

    That being said, I’m in the same boat, though a few months behind. I plan on self publishing Power of the Mages in August.

    I think we indies need to stick together.

    When the book goes live, shoot me an email with the link to the book’s Amazon (or better, Nook) page at I promise to at least check it out. If it sounds interesting, I’ll buy it and review it.



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