Spell/Sword creeps ever closer.

Going to be a little quiet on the blog for the next few days. I’m working on getting the novel formatted correctly for printing via CreateSpace and digitial publishing through Amazon’s KDP. My goal is to have the book ready for purchase by the end of the March. Though, the Ides of March would be […]


I’ve complied my Bizarro World fanfiction onto one page for easy consumption. I’m sure that Aaron Sorkin never expected there to be fanfiction of A Few Good Men, but he almost definitely never expected some starring a forgettable throwaway character, only intended for exposition. You Can Call Me Isaac I kind of had a lot of […]

You Can Call Me Isaac V

Two days of air and fire. Hermes and Black Mask danced in the shadows of the city. Cat and mouse and dagger and cloak — a secret duel hidden from the eyes of the mortals below. The green-masked man ran faster and faster. He found new clothes, he ate food from dumpsters and the bottom […]

You Can Call Me Isaac IV

A few hours later, Isaac leaned against the bricks of a rooftop stairwell.  The building was about ten stories tall, and provided an easy observation point for the taller building across the street.  He glanced at his watch, 2100 hours and Jack Ross was working late. The young lawyer’s light was one of a few […]

You Can Call Me Isaac III

The human body is a sack of water. A sack of water held together by the thinnest of walls, shot through with electrical cables and guitar string. From the tips of our fingers the current flows, water and energy radiating from our heart, our brain.  Turn the dial on the microscope and our cells are […]

You Can Call Me Isaac II

“Ah, so familiar and friendly.” The masked man giggled. Isaac carefully backed out of his space, his eyes locked on the rearview mirror. The black wooden mask his passenger wore was purposefully featureless, and his hunched posture made it difficult to estimate his height or weight. “Which one are you? Apollo, Dionysus…Ares?” Isaac shifted the […]