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Town and Gown Players

There’s been a long running debate at our theatre, a quiet dissatisfaction with one of our noble facets — not so much with the venue itself, but with its nomenclature. I refer to Second Stage.

you never knew it lurked beneath
The name is innately confusing. There is only one stage in our humble Gray Block, and many a patron has squinted carefully at every square centimeter while the Main Stage director drones on about the next production. Could there be another stage squirreled away somewhere in here?, they ask. Is it under the normal stage, is it on the roof, is it through the secret passage in the Men’s Bathroom?

[NOTE: The Secret Passageway in the Men’s Bathroom is not a real thing. And if it was, it certainly wouldn’t lead to a lavender-scented boudoir filled with faded leather armchairs and shelves of aged mahogany. Also, there isn’t a harpsichord player on staff. Don’t…

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