Auditioning Tips

Guest blogging I did for my theatre in Athens. Whee!

Town and Gown Players

The final night of auditions for Lysistrata, our next Main Stage show are tonight. I know you’re sitting there, obsessively reading the description on Facebook –but you just can’t bring yourself to take the plunge. You’re too scared, too inexperienced, too frail!

Town & Gown is a unique organization, and you are right to be a little apprehensive. Don’t worry! Here are some simple tips to help you audition with style, aplomb, panache, and an 82% chance of being cast!

1. Review the script, or at least a synopsis before coming to auditions. Directors appreciate an informed actor!

2. Wear something loose, and easy to move in.

3. Bring your calendar. The more information you can give about your schedule and potential conflicts makes the production staff’s job a lot easier when planning rehearsal.

4. Right before arriving at auditions, it’s best if you punch a hobo. Normal vagrants, and…

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