Strange words.

I was looking for something else in my notes, when I stumbled across the piece I put up this morning – The Umbra.

Apparently, I wrote this.

Do you ever have that happen? You read something in your notebook, or Google Docs — and it’s clear that your brain and hands produced it — but you have no memory of actually writing it. It’s like reading something that your doppelganger from another dimension wrote.

It’s a neat feeling, honestly — approaching your work as a reader only, without any context of the process.

I’m sure this is the goal, when sages suggest you let your first draft sit for a month or two before giving it the first read  — it helps with objectivity — and wouldn’t it be amazing to read your novel as a stranger? That Thing occupies a sizable portion of my psyche — how cool would it be to read it that way?

So get on it, doppelganger!

Any of you guys have stuff like that on your blog? I’d love to read it — hear your anecdotes!

This line is bold for no reason.

5 thoughts on “Strange words.

  1. Thanks for the follow and like+ 🙂
    I have had something like this happen too; usually finding an old story on a forgotten hard-drive. Most of the time, since my writing has changed so much over the last few years, seem a bit … immature, but still, with a few very good lines here and there.
    If its good enough – and I will have a look – don’t post it here, Duotrope it! Yog’s law; money should flow to the author!

  2. I love the last line, too.

    Yeah, it happens to me sometimes, with passages I’ve forgotten about in my current work-in-progress, or occasionally with really old stories I wrote when I was in high school. I have one on my blog called “The Monster,” that I make fun of, line by line. Because that’s all my high school writing is good for: a laugh.

    • Awww, don’t beat up your past self too much, Beth. Though I completely empathize — I had a week where I revealed a bunch of high school poems, and it was nerve-wracking and super embarrassing.

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