Across Golden Skies III

Unknown Artist - Please advise.

Two thieves sat uncomfortably in a smoky room at the back of an inn. The money was good that had brought them here, but the contacts had all warned against pursuing the job. Dark rumors surrounded this employer, and the deeply cowled figure sitting across from them did nothing to alleviate their concerns.Their new employer’s voice is soft and sweet, but the temperature dropped steadily during his instructions. Each thief’s breath steamed as they exhaled. The cowl turned towards the first thief.

“So we have a contract?”

Sweat beaded on the thief’s nose, and he nodded. A half second later the second thief jiggled his flabby jowls in assent.

The hooded figure continued.

“Bring me the girl alive.”

The two thieves almost leaped out of their chairs in relief, and made their way to the door. On the back of their vests, black wings are marked.

Frost gathered on their abandoned mugs. The room was empty.

Ananda’s naked form shone in the light of the White Moon. She rose from the bed, leaving her current distraction gasping, eyes wide.

He won’t last much longer. Pity.

The Moonchylde’s lovers rarely lasted much beyond a fistful of days.

Unknown Artist - Please advise!

Her glass spectacles floated across the room, trailing white ribbons. Of their own volition, they threaded themselves through the piercings that rim her face. The dark-haired woman looked out at the White Moon and smiled – looking past it towards the small sliver of the Black Moon, receding on the horizon.

Come soon, my love…

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