Hey, I wrote some fresh stuff for the blog   – honest to god, typed up today — bristling with new-osity.

I’ve added a new Category “Fresh” for pieces like that, that are written and posted in the same day — I hope to do a lot more of them when my life settles down.

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Well, how about that?

HEY.  Six complete strangers downloaded my free e-book The Parable of the Stone Viper from!

That’s kind of awesome – I wonder who those six people are. Did they like it? Are we best friends now? AM I INVITED TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?

I know this is silly, getting excited about something like that — especially because that story is right over there under the Microfiction tab — but it jazzes me up. TO THE MAX.

Well, maybe not to the max — but in the near vicinity of the max.

Not to be confused with The Maxx.


And, there’s the last chunk of Another Story.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, or at least it hasn’t caused your eyeballs to spontaneously implode.

I’ve collected the entire story into one tidy page, accessible from the Short Stories dropdown menu up top. Thanks to the kind comments, and one sharp-eyed editor I’ve corrected some tense issue – making the tale a bit more palatable. I’ve been a writer a long time, even working a brief stint as an English teacher — so I always welcome constructive criticism. I’m a big boy, I can take it. I crave feedback.

Tomorrow, I’ve queued up a bit of micro-fiction, The Parable of the Stone Viper. I actually entered that one into a contest on, and it’s available as a free epub if that’s your fancy.

The next few weeks are very hectic for me, so I have a large amount of old material queued up. Most of it is scenes from a much longer piece, just so I don’t wear you out – and push you into TLDR-land.  Let me know if you see a scene or a character you like, and I’ll try to oblige you with some more targeted content.

What’s keeping me so busy? SECRET PROJECT.

[It is totally secret.]


Hey! People are reading my stuff – this is awesome, and more than a little terrifying.

Thanks for taking the time to look around! [WINCE.]

I’m new to WordPress, and that little bar graph that hovers at the top of the page showing you how many people have looked at your site is like a dark god that I fear and worship. Be appeased, oh Towers of Disdain! Grow forever taller, and do not fall into the Bowels of Ennui.