Surprise! Spell/Sword Audiobook Now Available

Now available on Audible, Amazon,and iTunes.  I haven’t been talking about this much, because I’ve had lots of AMOD on my plate – but this has been quietly progressing in the background and now it’s here!

For those unfamiliar:


Rime is a wild mage. She can bend the very fabric of reality, but at a cost – a cost to her health and her sanity. Her power is unstoppable but it leaves her empty, weak, and often unconscious. Jonas is a squire on the run – running away from the shadow of murder. They travel together to find the one person that can save Rime from the wild magic, from the inexorable madness and death that comes to those who are born to ignore the rules of the universe. The Gray Witch of the Wheelbrake Marsh, a creature out of a fairy tale.

The audiobook was produced and narrated by Rachel Ahrens (no web presence! – this just adds to my theory that she is some sort of wandering inter-dimensional sorceress) – and I cannot be more pleased with the final product. Her voice is wonderful and hypnotic, great shifts for the different character voices – I feel she really nails Jonas and the Gray Witch most deliciously. She was an absolute delight to work with and I cannot wait for everyone to enjoy her performance of the text. When you listen – MAKE SURE you leave a review on Audible – much like me, Rachel is just getting her start, and reviews are the lifeblood of writers and voice actors alike.

I hope this will be another doorway into my stuff in preparation for the release of Asteroid Made of Dragons coming from Inkshares in April. I really should wait until I have more time to properly launch this audiobook – but that just isn’t my style.

SO! It’s two days before Christmas – and I have promotional codes for free downloads of the audio book ( a 19.99 value, son!). How about I’ll take five of them and raffle them off to whoever comments on this post? Let’s say by 8 pm EST on Dec. 25th – sort of a last minute, last second Christmas gift. You have to comment here on my blog – no where else counts to be entered into the raffle. I’ll pick 5 people randomly from the comments and send them the promotional codes that night.

And GO!


The bennies.

You know what’s nice?

Realizing that I haven’t mentioned minotaurs even once in That Thing — and abruptly putting in a minotaur.


Best job in the world.

I want there to be more minotaurs. BAM. Minotaur.

No discussions, no forms to fill out, no concerns about tone or ‘realism’.

“You know what this tea party needs? A FRICKIN’ minotaur.”

"Yes, I'll take a few crumpets. Two sugars.. and NO MILK."

Suck it, other genres.  Fantasy and swordpunk win the day.


GAH. Having quite a time working on my “emotional” piece. Normally, I’m just looking for the quickest route to a cool image, or ninja fight scene.

I don’t trust emotions in my real life — wrangling them into my writing is proving to be a hurdle.

I’ll keep working on it, and should have the next chunk up later today.