one jot in the ocean, one clot in the lung hard -hearted departed still clinging to the bottom rung i see you up there, wearing those crowns of jade-locked air free for the moment, never know where my curse went keep spending out the bric-a-brac from the golden coffer’s lent i howl in the dark, […]

What Writers Want

An incomplete list. More time. More words that are interesting but aren’t too iridescent or macabre. For the shape in here to be the shape in there. For somehow you to see what we see. Less names or better names. Temporal vortex to skip to when the thing is done. More minotaurs. For it to matter. You […]


I want my art to do more for the people, causes, and country that I care about. And as much as I earnestly believe in the power of any art to shape the world – I also know that direct action is also required.  Protest, dialogue, education – and donation.  We’re 10 days in and […]

Man in the Mirror

I’m not one for resolutions or revolutions or any plan of any sort. But this is a more perilous world we’re all living in and I think it behooves me to state with as much authority as I can muster what I have planned for 2017. I need to be more accountable, I need to […]


what am I getting at? what am I getting at? repetition and iteration will these save our nation? can’t doubt, can’t stammer got to put both hands on the hammer what we are, we are – for One and Zero in the rudiment parliament each of us can be the Hero heat up the forge, […]

Thief of August

  take a look, take a long look and come running back for summer wrapping atoms of madams and bricks made of wonder already i stumble i grumble and trundle and pray for the glass to be thinner and humble because i am the thief , sacks full of stolen light, heart full of borrowed […]