And That’s It, Right?

The book is out. Time to lean back and watch my inevitable rise to literary, internet and financial domination.

Picture of my Excitement Level, despite the Tawdry Real-World pitfalls of Self-Publishing
Picture of my Excitement Level, despite the Tawdry Real-World pitfalls of Self-Publishing

That’s how it works, right?


Only if this was a Disney Channel movie, unfortunately. And it if was I would hope that my animated sidekick was a talking Roomba.

After two years of work, stress, and toil — I’ve taken the first step. But only the first step. And now the long, grueling march to More Than a Blip. Shuck and jive, self-promote, sing and dance and drop my pants — whatever it takes, as long as it takes. The key is to not get frustrated or discouraged — ’cause it’s going to be SLOW.

And now for some Thankery.

  • The Alpha Readers, the Beta Readers, the people who dealt with my endless questions and ruminations as I floundered around.
  • Mike Groves / Poopbird for his amazing cover art.
  • Margaret Poplin, my designer, for her calm, efficient management of my insanity and quick, thorough, excellent work on the layout and design of the print cover.
  • My beloved for not strangling me during this entire process.
  • The Crew of the Lodestar for letting my try out lots of stupid stories and characters on them.
  • Joe Peacock for giving me the push at the right moment.
  • And you — whoever you are, reading all the way to the end. I’m going to need your help the most from here on out.

2 thoughts on “And That’s It, Right?

  1. Congrats! Now start the next step – keep writing. There’s nothing that will sell your book more than putting out another book. Good luck!

    • You know this. I’m in a show right now, but work on The Riddle Box starts mid-April. Very excited to be back to the fun part now that I’m out of Editing Purgatory.

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