Blanket Times

I’ve been withdrawing a bit over the past few weeks.

That isn’t innately a bad thing — we all need time to recharge, flip the switch from Extra to Intra — but its something I have to acknowledge.  Acknowledge and control.

Partly it’s a reaction to how busy and involved I was in various projects over the past few months. Directing a show, working on the book, etc.  And partly it’s a reaction to some family and life issues.

I’ve been describing it as a “responsibility allergy”, but it’s more of a reversion. To all those

Skottie Young - Artist
Skottie Young – Artist

halcyon days when I could crawl inside a book or a video game and the world would leave me be. Honestly, in those days, the World had precious little interest. A fuzzy blanket of disinterest over my head as I traveled with Link, or Crono, or Serge, or Long John Silver, or Garion, or Paks, or Mulder and Scully.

As I said, it’s not innately harmful — and honestly it’s damn therapeutic. I’ve beaten two [!] video games in the past month or so, finished up some books, and been binge-watching Netflix like whoa. If I could just lay in my house for a few days and play Ni No Kuni, that would be simply grand.

But I also Have Shit to Do.

Work, performing in A Few Good Men, Play Reading Committee, Sexy Bassoon Listening Party, Burlesque Beta, Shadeaux Bros., Titan’s Wake, The Ocean of Not.

And writing.

Most importantly WRITING.

Puppet monologues. My A Few Good Men fanfiction. Working a little more on The Option sequence. I kind of liked that snippet I tossed off, The Lines — maybe pursue that, forward or backwards in time.

And always Spell/Sword. I’m on hold until the last few of my Beta Readers finish their review, but the final push is coming. I’ve also got lots of background work to do with my cover designer on the layout for the print edition.

So, Blanket Times — but only in moderation.

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