Blather Options

I’ve been noodling over a couple of different blog topics, whilst digesting the mammoth pile of turkey and dressing that I’ve recently consumed. Which sounds the most interesting to you, oh wanderer of the Internet?

1. Why I kind of like that show Elementary, despite it being an empirically flawed premise for a show. [Sherlock Holmes in America?!? Blasphemery!]

2. I recently completed a re-read of the first book of the Wheel of Time series Eye of the World. This was a series I loved as a younger reader, but lost interest in as the years and volumes piled up. I’m re-reading the first book to help me decide whether it’s worth plowing back through now that the very last book is being released. There would be lots of navel-gazing, musing and a de facto review of the book. Who doesn’t love an article on story structure?

3. That show I’m directing at Town & Gown, Pippin.

4.  My nebulous new tabletop campaign, Ocean of Not [placeholder name.]

5. Lodestar.

6. Spell/Sword …you know, my book or whatever.

7. Potpourri. [You tell me what you’d like me to blather on about.]

Any of this sound remotely interesting or palatable?

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