The Quiet Prince’s Contract

I need a vessel. A mortal form to hold my power and my mind, to allow me to influence and shape your world. Those are the rules, and unlike that rapscallion Fairchild, that means something to me.

They must be willing, and accept me into their mind. I would prefer someone attractive.

The host’s mind will be shut away while I walk the world. A strong mind will survive, and be improved by our time together. A weak mind will most certainly go insane. I promise to leave the vessel as soon as Fairchild is defeated.

I cannot guarantee their safety. We are at war, and I do not know the future.

When you are ready, have them go to sleep with a fresh, red apple in their hands. That is the sign that the deal is struck.

In return, I will use my considerable power and knowledge to help you defeat my tawdry brother. My armies will rise and march against his. And when the war is over, and I am King of Hell Entire — then all within my power will leave this place until the death of Talitha’s grandchildren. Two generations free from devils and demons, both.

Not an inconsiderable payment.

If you betray me, you will have many long eternities to wish that you hadn’t.

Delay too long, and you begin to smell of betrayal.

I know you have a certain appointment to keep, a moonlit stroll through the Sarmadi sands. It would be most unfortunate if you were to miss your rendezvous.

Dally not. – Time is the cruelest enemy.

5 thoughts on “The Quiet Prince’s Contract

  1. I like it for “rapscallion” alone, but the speaker’s haunting, severe tone is worth high marks, too.

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