Hunter in the Dark II

I stumble to the journal, and grasp it tightly — like a drowning man to a plank in the ocean.

The dreams are back. The same ones that filled my dark cell, and they’re all about you, Rime. Always about you.

I’ve lost track of the days, traveling with my new companions. Several strange encounters, and great danger — but none of it interest me now. When I left the prison, I had my first true sleep in over ten years — perfect blank time that refreshed my body and my mind.

But then you – your eyes, your voice – the way your hands felt on my brow as you stole the light from me. Stole everything from me. Cool and clear, and your eyes so calm. They chase me again, I am the prey – running from dreams into the sweaty dark of consciousness.

Focus. I am a hunter still. The rituals and thoughts of my old life can keep me sane, I pray. Survey the terrain, lay out your battle plan. What assets and advantages do you have — what weaknesses can you shore up?

I will kill you, Rime – I’m coming for you, to where you hide in the City of Always Night.

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