Jenny Bellowsbreath, Jenny Twotimes, Jenny the Shieldbreaker

[Just a bit of character description I liked.]

After some casting around, Quick finds a noodle cart surmounted by a garish green umbrella. Long Man is printed in a few languages in faded ink. A woman sits at one of the stools, head dipped forward over a steaming bowl. She is wearing a conical hat that disguises her features, but Quick can see from her hands that she is dark-skinned.

The phantom, Tetch begins to speak, then stops. He awkwardly clears his throat in attempt to get the lady to look up from her noodles. – C. McGeehin

“That’s weird. Ghosts don’t have throats, so how can they clear them?” the hat angled up and Tetch and Quick stared into the dark brown eyes of the mage, Jenny. An elaborate tattoo of a flame was on each cheek, and long braids hung down, coiled around shells, coins, and bits of wire.

“Oh no, some lordlings spirit. Spare me the drama. ” her hair clattered as she drained the dregs from her soup bowl in one swift motion. “What do you two want?”

“Our boss has sent us out to hire the service of a mage. This petulant poltergeist would prefer a female one. We heard you were good at what you do but we’d like to know more about you. You interested in work?” asks the tiefling. – J. Miller

“Always. If your coin is good. What sort of work?” She wiped her chin on her wrist, like a cat at a milk saucer.

Jenny rolled her eyes, and pushed her empty bowl away. She stood up, revealing a long brass chain that dangled from her wrist. The other end was attached to a mammoth tome, triple sealed with shining black locks. She picked the book up like a pet, and tucked it under her arm.

“Don’t have much experience with tea leaves, but I take just fine to blood and destruction. Point me at something, and I can tear it apart – that’s my super move, devilkin. Why do you want to know about other mages? If you came seeking Jenny Two-Times, you know that I’m the best.”

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