I’m a bully.

Hey, you nerds — give me your lunch money. And put it in this jar.

As anxious/neurotic/nervous I am about promoting my own stuff, and even admitting that I’m creating anything — I am a tireless jerk windbag when pushing my friends’ projects.

This is my friend, Dustin:

Dustin Ah Kuoi - Suspected Power Ranger


Isn’t he dreamy?



Dustin is an excellent singer, an earnest songwriter, and entirely too nice.

He wants to record a solo album, and we’re going to give him some money to do it.


Dustin Ah Kuoi – Kickstarter


He’s a great guy making great music. Do it and nobody gets hurt — further.

I’ve already decided what song I’m going to make Dustin sing for my Kickstarter Reward:

Disney – Tangled Soundtrack

So make with the money!!!

6 thoughts on “I’m a bully.

  1. I got no money. And, he is a hottie. As long as he doesn’t use auto-tune, I might like him. My hubby is a DJ on two international Internet radio stations – send me a way to let hubby hear him and he might get played! He prefers music no one has heard a lot, and ADORES northern soul music, if that helps. But no genre is out of question.

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