Winter rapped her knuckles on the bar, and looked around.

“Horace? Has he wandered…”

Sliding from around from behind a rack of bottles, an elegant skeleton pirouettes into view holding two cocktail glasses in one bony hand and dark red bottle in the other. He wears no clothing, but his bones give off a faint glow, and show signs of constant cleaning and care. A pinprick of blue light hovers in each eye cavity, and he gives Echo a rakish grin.

“Ah, who’s your friend Winter? A new plaything..or something saucier?”

The skeleton’s voice is a warm baritone. The pinpricks of light that are his eyes waggle up and down in a suggestive manner.

“Hardly, Horace. Two Vampiric Kisses, please.”

The skeleton chuckles, and begins to prepare the drinks using the dark red bottle he had with him. An a twinkle, two glasses are slid across the bar. The drinks inside are a deep red, and give off an odd sparkle when held to the light.

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