‘Race you.’

The snow-haired mage leads the way down the gangplank, into the hangar proper. The vast iron doors leading to the neon-lit night beyond. Winter makes a beeline for some small vehicles, made from blue steel and fashioned into stylized representations of horses with long legs and fixed wings.

She throws a leg over one of the Air Steeds, and motions for Echo to do the same. From a small compartment, Winter pulls a pair of large goggles and pulls them over her eyes. She looks back towards the druid.

“Race you.”

A thousand neon lights blaze past Echo, as she fumbles the Seafoam goggles from their compartment at the base of the steering wheel. She notices that the green light at the back of Winter’s steed leaves a blazing trail of light across her vision as she maneuvers.

The hot air whips past, and the two scream on.

The sounds of Bard’s Gate begin to rise — music and talking, and the pump of steam engines are everywhere.

Winter banks sharply downward, and disappears into a large culvert, ringed with stone. Echo can hear her delighted bark of laughter as she speeds away. The druid pulls hard on the unfamiliar controls and kicks the throttle hard to follow.

The culvert opens up into another world — the darkness gives way to a massive golden light, shot through with orange and purples. A whole street is nestled away down here, a brass band plays on the roof of the building closest to the entrance. Literally, a band made up of brass automatons play trumpets and cornets — reminding Echo eerily of the guardians of the Vault of Flaubert I.

Winter pulls up her Air Steed at a three story building, roof butting up against the bottom of the culvert. She pulls up her goggles, and waits for Echo to land.

2 thoughts on “‘Race you.’

  1. Great start. Love the flight. But what is it that Winter regrets? I imagine you haven’t quite finished this?

    You are pretty awesome, you know.

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