Writing Schedule

After much deliberation, I have only conservatively adjusted my writing schedule. I wrote 9 pages last week, and really wanted to be a badass and set my benchmarks up to 10 pages a week, to force myself to finish the rough draft that much quicker.

But in a moment of sober adulthood, I kept it at 5 pages per week.

I know — I’m a little dissappointed in myself, too.  But The Schedule has been a great security blanket while working on That Thing, and I knew it was wiser not to put myself in danger of falling behind.

In other news, writing is cool.

9 thoughts on “Writing Schedule

  1. Gotta to keep a schedule and stick to it. That’s how I finished my first two drafts (of two different novels) and it is working my third and fourth.

    Now, if I could just stop writing crap and actually write something worthy of publishing…

  2. Screw adulthood and it’s soberness. 😛 I don’t much like putting my writing in terms of ‘pages.’ I don’t like forcing myself to write; I tend to set aside a certain amount of time, and whatever I pump out is good with me. As long as it’s something.

    • Do what works for you, James. I just know that for me No Deadline = No Work. I can’t even stop myself from eating the last cookie, so I need outside structure to keep me motivated.

  3. Setting goals is great! Revising them as needed is practical and necessary. It’s the difference between staying on a path at a lower speed and pulling over and giving up. 🙂

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