The Hideous Secrets of CreateSpace

I’ve been researching this service lately – any of you guys have any personal experience? I’ve seen a few horror stories and a few glowing recommendations, so I’m more than a little curious.

I’m still a long way from publishing anything — but—-


5 thoughts on “The Hideous Secrets of CreateSpace

  1. I’ve published some of my books with them. I like that it’s super easy and FREE to use. I like free stuff. You get an ISBN number and they have a great cover creator program if you want to make your own cover that is also free. My books turned out very professional and you can check them out on Amazon and see how they turned out if that helps. I had a good experience and would recommend them to other people. My books are listed on Amazon but no one has ever bought one from there. I bought copies from my createspace account and sold them myself because you can buy them there for almost 10 bucks cheaper and you can make like a $5 profit verses $2 though the Amazon website. You can also sell them in kindle format, which is also free.

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