Whiskers and Chrome

Black screen, thunderous fanfare — followed by agonizing squeal of electronic fuzz.

In a world where every dog has his day….

Jump shots of a vast metropolis. Cars honking, police brutalizing a lemonade stand, a nun jumping off a 23 story building, a kid crosses the street and spontaneously explodes.

…and there’s a lot of fish in the sea….

Scientists and researchers mill around a cluttered laboratory. A stereotypically blonde and buxom researcher rips off her glasses and wails with concern.

“Professor, do you think this is wise? Do you think this is morally ethical? Is it right, Professor?”

Camera spins to the Professor, he is wearing a black leather jacket and has finishing a bowl of banana pudding. He throws the bowl to the floor,and rips off his dark glasses — revealing that his eyes glow a bright green.

“Dammit, Charlene — don’t question me. Not now — not you–not ever!”

The Professor’s voice continues over the next few shots.

“We needed something stronger, faster — more cunning. A machine that can bring order and peace back to our world gone mad.  This mad world, full to the brim with madness.”

Shots of a machine being constructed. Metal being forged, wires being connected. The shadowy outline of some robotic killing machine.

“Synthesizing the instinctual algorithms of 75 alpha predators was easy — now we get to the hard part.”

The robot is active — quadra-pedal, pacing around a narrow enclosure. A slot opens and a small shoebox is pushed in by a long broom handle. Cut back to the Professor, putting back on his sunglasses.

“Now we need to teach it to be….a cat!”

Cut back to the shoebox. The robot leans over the box, red eyes burning. A quiet “Mew.” comes from within, and an orange kitten pokes its nose out.

Shot of the kitten and the robot touching noses.

When you let the cat out of the bagyou’ll need a little more than curiosity to kill it.

Quick shots of the robot pouncing on a schoolbus, running up a skyscraper, playing with the Statue of Liberty like it’s a ball of yarn. The orange kitten sits on its shoulder and purrs.

FALL 2012.

[Story on Demand for iwaurokoinko – wander over and deface his blog.]

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