Lodestar du Jour

Oh, and Lodestar is back! Yay! Feels good to be off hiatus, and back in action.

Of interest: If you’ve read Another Story and The Cost, we’re actually dealing with the protagonist Izus/Jonas in current Lodestar continuity.

For those of you playing the home game, this scene takes place about ten years after the end of The Cost.

Here’s an excerpt –

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” the green blaze of light confessed. ” Whatever it is — it definitely isn’t natural, and stinky. Diagnosis: Stinky.”

Martin and Dayjen took charge of the unconscious prisoners and moved past down the stairwell. “Be careful not to slip!” the blonde wizard yelled over his shoulder.

The smear of purple and green fluid got worse as the adventurers proceeded down below decks. Reeking and thick, it the smear lead to the door of the Sun Room. It reminded Agnar of a wounded boar that he had tracked on his first hunt, disemboweled it had left a red foam for miles before finally falling dead into its lair.

Boots stuck to the floor, and made a sickening sound as they trod through the strange fluid.

Pushing the door open, Haskeer leads the way into the room.

Izus is laying in the wide bed in the center of the room, purple and green oozing from several vicious wounds. A quick glance shows them to be long slashes across his torso, as well as several burn marks that appear to be electrical in origin, and a dozen bullet holes that appear to be made by Seafoam ordinance. A shallow gash runs across his forehead and through his left eye. He appears to be unconcious, breathing shallowly.

Alice is standing over the Browncloak, covered from fingertips to elbow in the strange ichor. She is doing her best to close his massive wounds with strips of bedsheet, and a ball of twine. Her eyes are a little wild, but she is managing to keep her voice calm.

“I’ve already tried healing him magically, but it just seemed to make things worse. You’ve dealt with this man — or whatever he is before, any idea what has happened to his blood?”


Since Lodestar will be soon generating an obscene amount of text again, I’m thinking about putting up a taste of it on the blog every day or so — thoughts?

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