Context Sensitive

Hmmmm….I’m hitting a mental snag. To me it’s completely obvious how Jonas is going to act in this situation, but within the context of this piece — I’ve really done very little to establish his motivations, morality, etc.

Thoughts? Read a la carte how well is this piece holding together for you?

2 thoughts on “Context Sensitive

  1. “I’ve really done very little to establish his motivations, morality, etc.”

    You know, I’m inclined to disagree– I think you’ve done a nice job of telling us what as much as we need to know about Jonas at this point. We know he’s young, he tends to react emotionally in stressful situations (see: stabbing a deranged priest in the middle of a church), and we know he’s scared sh*tless. More importantly, we know that some force (vengeance, hate, sense of duty, whatever) has kept him moving through that gut-churning fear so far… So as a reader, I feel like I have enough to comfortably predict how Jonas will respond to Fairchild’s offer, and then to what end he will try to play it. Which is fun for everyone, because then you get to prove my prediction dazzlingly wrong later in the story.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Josh. I know you can identify – as an author you have all these thoughts and ideas that stretch off into the ether, and a lot of time its difficult to view stuff objectively — and remember if you remembered to actually write down what you were thinking.

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