Day Zero.

Well — here we go.

I’m writing.


Bit by bit, day by day – I’m writing.

But I can’t exist in a vacuum — I’m just not that good at delayed gratification.  I need an audience.

Cue you, internet stranger.

First I’m going to post a short story I wrote in chunks for the next few days, then I’ll collate it all down into a page for you to read the whole thing. [You know, if you hate scrolling.]

Then..I’ll post some more stuff I wrote. Rinse, repeat.

Comments and criticism are welcome — especially on this first piece. I wrote it about a year ago and haven’t revised it suitably to let anyone read it.

So, be kind – and don’t tell Mrs. Stephens.

[Mrs. Stephens was my 10th grade English Teacher.]

2 thoughts on “Day Zero.

  1. Hi! I’m going to mess with your stats and start at the beginning and work my way forward 🙂 And! leave your page open on my safari so it might show multiple hits in a day, hahahaha! In any case, I wanted to say I’m with you on needing an audience – starting a blog inspired me in more ways than I ever expected. Looking forward to your past!

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