Century of Words

Very productive couple of days on That Thing – I just crossed the 100 page mark!

I know it gets old, me crowing my feeble accomplishments — it must seem so unimpressive to WordPress at large. But this is the first time for me on a long-form writing draft. [I know, I know — I should just give up and call it a “book” or “novel” — that neurosis is a whole ‘nother blog post.] The first time I’ve ever had 100 pages of my words in one place — all existing and crap.

My writing schedule called for me to be hitting this benchmark by¬† 3/3 — so I am nearly two weeks ahead of schedule! I don’t want to jinx the productiveness of this week, but on Friday I’m officially going to recalibrate my schedule — don’t want any danger of getting lazy, or losing the forward momentum. I’m shooting for around 140 pages/45,000 words for the first draft — very exciting to feel I’m so close.

I know, I know — lots can go wrong in the next section. But as any unpublished or semi-published author can tell you — you gotta take the days of deluded optimism when they come. There will be plenty more rays of Infra-Doubt to dodge later on.