Sea of Secrets / The irony is not lost on me.

Yeah, yeah — I know I ranted yesterday about the sins of the flesh, and the evils of money.

But today – buy my friend’s book!

Sea of Secrets – by Amanda DeWees

I’ve known Amanda for a long time, and she is super-classy and dripping with charm and a certain delightful malevolence. I haven’t read the book yet [other than the excerpt on Amazon], because I plan to obtain a copy clandestinely from the author herself under the cover of night, while wearing a dashing cloak.

Think of it as karma, wrapped in chocolate. The nicest thing you can do for a new author is buy their work, with actual money. Think how happy a waiter is when you give him a nice tip — this is easily like 4.3 times that exciting for the author. Or 80% as exciting as when you get a new puppy.

How can you keep such joy out of another human’s life? Do it!

Click on the [tastefully designed] picture of the cover, and you can purchase this book on Amazon in Kindle or print formats.

I know this period is a favorite for a bunch of you — and you will definitely enjoy Amanda’ style.